Based out of Lausanne, Switzerland, SICPA provides secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions for numerous industries. DREAMSPACE was tasked with creating UI/UX designs for a command center where SICPA C3 would monitor pipeline security for a major oil company.


Theft and leakage from the thousands of miles of unmonitored and unprotected oil pipeline around the world is a big problem for big oil. Designed to monitor flow, the system is able to detect drops in pipeline pressure, often indicating a leak or unauthorized access. Once an issue is detected the control center then has the ability to send a drone onsite to check. Be it an accidental leak, theft, or deliberate sabotage, the control center can then dispatch an appropriate team to deal with the issue

  • Post-Production

    • Company : DREAMSPACE
    • Owner / Creative Dir. : C. Sean Yuksel
    • Producer : Irene Theo
    • Animation Lead : Liam Kirtley
    • Animation Team : Contact for credits
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