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Exploring the abilities of mind power through virtual reality.


Brain Power + WAVR

WAVR is a neuro-controlled VR technology that uses biosensors to monitor increases in alpha waves (brain waves that increase as a person enters a meditative state). The brainwave data trigger commands on the VR application, allowing the user to control virtual objects with their mind. In addition to virtual reality, WAVR engages other physical senses through a vibrating chair, a fan blowing cool air, and wafts of perfume.

WAVR is essentially a combination of a VR and an EEG headset. The EEG biosensors deliver real-time alpha wave biofeedback into the OSC, which controls both the VR application and the micro-controller that is connected to a fan, a vibrating chair and an electric air freshener.

Depending on the user’s level of concentration, the components listed above work all together to create either a peaceful or a gloomy atmosphere for the user.

WAVR uses brainwaves to interact with our senses of sight, hearing, touch, and smell. This technology can be used in many industries including medicine, gaming, meditation, and mindfulness.

Benefits to WAVR

Despite the many benefits of the technological advancements in the healthcare industry, the human brain still suffers from daily psychological and emotional constraints such as anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, ADHD, and OCD. Such conditions cause a lack of motivation, which significantly diminishes the overall performance of the brain. One of WAVR’s main goals is to maximize brain performance by stabilizing the fluctuations in a person’s alpha brainwave activity.

The Team Behind WAVR

Baris Siniksaran one of our Dreamspace Tech-Scholarship Alumni is an MS Grad in Integrated Digital Media at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. As a Mixed Reality Intern of Dreamspace, he works to bring virtual and augmented reality into the mainstream. With his partner and co-founder Sean Kim, they are working to develop WAVR as a new form of technology that blends digital landscapes with real-life sensations.

We are proud to provide this annual scholarship to young talents like Baris and help them become “Dreamer“s

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