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Physical Computing and VR

Client: Internal – Project: Physical Computing and VR

Interactive virtual reality skateboard controller

Alpay Kasal of Dreamspace worked on the realization of a skateboard controller for use in virtual reality. Using an actual skateboard deck, the device is filled with pressure and tilt sensors. This allows a computer to accurately map the position of the board in relation to the ground, and the amount of pressure applied by the user. This information is then translated into speed and directional data available for use in a virtual reality program.

A bespoke experience was created to demonstrate the amazing qualities of the controller. This took the form of a magical fantasy island floating in the majesty of space. The island features terrain such as lush forest, rocky desert, a serene lake, and even the majesty of planetary rings. The user is free to explore the island as they wish, using the skateboard controller to guide them.

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