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TOGG – Award Winning Viral Campaign

Client: TOGG – Project: #YenilikteBenDeVarim


A Massive Viral Campaign With Zero Ad Dollars!

In December of 2019, TOGG unveiled their first domestically designed electric vehicles. In July 2020, TOGG began construction of the first design & production facility in Gemlik, Turkey

To increase awareness of this event and increase brand loyalty, we created an online campaign to allow people to be a part of Turkish history. It began with four social media posts and the hashtag #YenelikteBenDeVarim

#YenelikteBenDeVarim, meaning: ” I support innovation,” became a nationwide manifestation for millions of Turkish citizens.

A simple website was created, consisting of three steps:

  1. Step one asked people to enter their names.
  2. Step two created a customized image that users could share on their own chosen social media platforms. 
  3. Step three consisted of compiling all of the names into a digital capsule.

This capsule was then placed under the initial foundation pillar of the facility at a ground-breaking event. The names of all participants were displayed during the ceremony.

Over the course of the four-day campaign, more than 100 images were created per second. More than 940,000 images and videos in total

#YenilikteBenDeVarim was the 6th most trending hashtag on Twitter during the campaign

Over 1,000,000 unique users visited the site.

An entire country watched the event!

This milestone event defining the economic and innovational evolution of the Turkish Technology and Manufacturing industry became everyone’s topic. The necessary steps taken for a sustainable and clean future for generations to come were every news outlet’s main topic.

We are proud

We are proud of our teams, working day and night selflessly to ensure that the creative integrity and the safety of everyone involved in this organization are not compromised.

Accomplishing such a level of execution during Pandemic taught us a million things and boosted our confidence in our experience.


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