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TOGG – Turkiye’s First Electric Car and The Mega EV Factory Opening Ceremony

Client: TOGG – Project: The Mega EV Factory Opening Ceremony

Massive factory for a massive initiative

In 2020, during the height of the Pandemic, our client Togg and the government of Turkey relied on us to design, plan and execute this massive launch event safely and successfully. Despite all the challenges, we brought the best minds from all our partners and delivered a highly publicized, very public affair with zero issues. From the President of Turkey to the cabinet, Togg leadership to employees, crew members, and other officials, everyone was safe and sound.

Togg’s Mega EV Factory is being built on an area of 1.2 million square meters, 230 thousand square meters of indoor space. It is located in a highly strategic export and import hub of Turkey, Gemlik.

Over 1000 personnel working day and night to build the massive stage and our temporary event space were provided with daily COVID-19 testing, mobile quarantine center, private and controlled lodging, safely prepared zero-touch meals, and highly controlled contact tracing via GPS tracking. Our team was under 24/7 scrutiny from the Turkish Secret Service to ensure the safety of the President and the Cabinet that attended this proud event. We had to make sure we took every precaution to ensure health safety, provide emergency personnel, immediate air-lift, and security screening.

Social Media Teasers

Starting with a critical social media campaign, our branded content development team decided to increase the hype towards a unique Idea to make this day unforgettable for the Turkish Nation. Togg is the only EV manufacturer in the country, and they are the national pride of your and ever-evolving country. You can see our campaign case study here with all its glory.

Giant Video Walls & Touch Screen Experience

Our USA-based CGI and UX/UI team designed, animated, and developed the multi-touch screen for the 3D pre-visualization of the Mega EV Factory for the guests during the event. While the New York team developed this component, our ground team in Turkey, under the leadership of Koray Oba, Executive Creative Director and Partner of Dream Space Turkey, lead the onsite design and IT installed giant screens and the hardware for the experiential segments. A massive motorized video wall opened to the construction site at the end of the event with mesmerizing visuals was one of a kind.

Entire country watched the event!

This milestone event defining the economic and innovational evolution of the Turkish Technology and Manufacturing industry became everyone’s topic. The necessary steps taken for a sustainable and clean future for generations to come were every news outlet’s main topic.

We are proud

We are proud of our teams, working day and night selflessly to ensure that the creative integrity and the safety of everyone involved in this organization are not compromised.

Accomplishing such a level of execution during Pandemic taught us a million things and boosted our confidence in our experience.


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