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Next Jump

Next Jump ReBrand

2 Billion Dollar Tech Giant & Company Culture Pioneer!

Client: Next Jump – Project: Re-Branding Next Jump and Corporate Perks e-commerce platform

2 Billion Dollar Tech Giant & Company Culture Pioneer!

We live in a visual culture influenced first and foremost by imagery. Cutting through clutter is an ever-increasing challenge that many companies struggle with. One of our most loyal clients, Next Jump, built a $2 billion employee perks platform based on its modern initiative on workplace culture.

Its Corporate Perks program earns big by connecting employees at mega-corps to product discounts and other incentives. In addition, Next Jump is an innovator within the Leadership Development industry, providing leadership workshops to guide companies to a modern workplace overhaul.


In August 2015, we began by tackling branding and design challenges for their Corporate Perks platform by planting an in-house brand strategy team within Next Jump’s NYC office.

Company Culture and Brand New Collateral

We were able to understand the company from an insider’s perspective, and adapted ourselves early on as a partner to fit their day-to-day workflow and company culture. In time we started implementing our full suite of services to start overhauling the Next Jump brand and transforming their existing Corporate Perks platform.

Our partnership with Next Jump has cultivated a unified and modern visual identity that matches the company’s personality. Our brand design services, ranging from Production and Post-production for corporate videos, Collateral Design, Print to Digital UX, and UI design, showcase a 360° view of what we do best: client-centered design solutions.

Innovative UX and UI for Billions in Sales

Online Overhauling

Our talented team continues to treat every pixel as a way to build equity in our partnership with Next Jump. We are proud to help showcase Next Jump’s mission and vision: Changing the workplace culture, one company at a time!

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