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Impact experiences.

Client: Mercedes-Benz – Concept: Impact experiences.

Mercedes-Benz Impact

During the 2009 automobile recall scandal that rocked the USA, Mercedes-Benz took the opportunity to explore the less glamorous side of cars, that of safety. A series of videos, going by the name of Impact, was created.

The series features interviews and testimonials of drivers whose lives had been saved by Mercedes-Benz’ safety features. An online community was created allowing others to submit their life-changing accidents and the life-affirming changes that often came from them.


From editing and color-correction, to a full graphics package, including 3D models displaying the use and functionality of the online portal, GRAFX CO. was there from start to finish.

Twitter Race

As part of their celebrations for the 125 year anniversary of Mercedes-Benz the company embraced the goal of engaging with a new generation of consumers, one which is tech-savvy and social-media connected, by creating a Twitter Race with Teams competing from around the USA.

Given an individual hashtag, specific to their car, each team was encouraged to be as socially active as possible, because in order to win, Mercedes-Benz introduced a twist. The cars the teams were competing in were powered by the number of posts and retweets their specific hashtag received. With a one-off website, twitter and social media campaign, and celebrity and charity involvement, the Mercedes’ Twitter Race is an example of a cross platform campaign done well.

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