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M.A.C + TMALL - Alibaba

M.A.C + TMALL – Alibaba

A collaboration for the TMALL singles day event

Client: M.A.C. – Concept: Singles Day – T-MALL – Alibaba

Singles Day 2018

Alibaba’s Singles Day is the single largest shopping event in the world, with almost $40 Billion dollars spent over the course of 24 hours, on its platforms such as TMALL. With a heavy emphasis on live streaming, the event affords companies the opportunity to advertise their products to the masses. Alibaba kicks off Singles Day with a gala event that ends just before midnight on Nov. 11th, with stars such as Mariah Carey (2018) and Taylor Swift (2019) performing. The gala, which is streamed online, showcases some of the brands that will be on offer and prompts users to begin pre-ordering directly from their mobile phones.

Up and coming talent

We teamed up with MAC to create the stage visuals for the 6-minute performance, wall, and floor sections. With a full cast of models and backing dancers, the performance required abstract visuals to enhance and compliment the routine, rather than overshadow it. Below are storyboards for each of the individual sections.

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