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Facebook Data Chandelier – WEF, Davos

Client: Facebook – Project: Data Chandelier

Facebook Pavilion Davos Economic Forum

Installed in the Facebook Pavilion at the Economic Forum, Davos Switzerland. This interactive sculpture consists of 325 individually addressable, edge-lit acrylic “pixels”. Each pixel was wrapped with LED strips, causing the interior to light up. They were then assembled into a “screen” measuring 13x5x5 pixels.

Animated Pixels

The animation of the pixels was controlled via an interactive touch-panel. The animation followed one of 4 pre-scripted sequences entitled “Friendship Across Borders”, “Connecting the Unconnected”, “Responding to Crisis”, and “Powering Success”. While each sequence was unique, they were designed with an overall economic theme.

Build and Install

Fabricated and built off-site, all design and manufacturing was completed in just 3 weeks. Broken down and transported to location, the piece was installed in-time for the opening of the Economic Forum.

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