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Eglantina Zingg is a social entrepreneur, activist, media and fashion industry professional with over twenty-years experience in international communications.

Client: Eglantina Zingg – Concept: Zingg – #EglaAndFriends

Co-Design: Chieh Yen

#EglaAndFriends – Eglantina Zingg

Eglantina Zingg, tv host and champion of women’s empowerment, channels her passion for communication and making the world a better place in her new IG Live show #EglaAndFriends. The Venezuelan TV Presenter and social entrepreneur host a bi-weekly series of conversations worth spreading. Reaching out to thought leaders of every field from around the world for unique conversations about this moment in history and what comes next. The show is broadcast twice a week on Instagram Live, with full interviews shared on youtube.

Design Assets

Building a show from the ground up requires more than just a promo. A promo was created, of course, but also spots advertising upcoming guests, weekly highlight clips, and a full Youtube graphics package, for full interviews, including chyrons, lower 3rds, and main title graphics for the open, and close.

Building an online presence

As well as creating the graphics package for the show, Dreamspace has been managing the online content produced. As a brand new facet of Eglantina’s online presence, the numbers are of extreme import. Letting us know where we went right, and where we need improvement. Below we will use the month of April 2020 to highlight some statistics.


The impression is a metric that counts how many times a post is fetched from the server and displayed on a social network. In this case, all stats are from Instagram. The total number of Impressions for #EglaAndFriends reached just over 2.42 million for the month.

Engagement Rate

Engagement is any form of interaction with your brand on social media. Likes, comments, and shares are all forms of engagement. This is measured as a % of total views, with April having an engagement rate of 6.68%, a 55% increase over the previous month.


This is the number of comments made by users on videos during the live broadcast, and subsequent Instagram posts (highlight videos, guest photos, etc.). For April users left 1,252 comments, representing an increase of 145% over the previous month.


This is the total number of users actively following #EglaAndFriends. April saw an increase of 7,082 resulting in a new total of 180.1k followers.


The total number of likes on main timeline posts, IGTV, and Instagram live broadcasts. April saw a total of 44.8k likes, representing a 66% increase on the previous month.


Reach is a metric that tells you how many people have seen your post. It differs from impressions in that even if a user sees your post multiple times, they still only count as one person reached. April saw a total of 584k people reached.

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