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Duracell – TouchCell

Duracell Touchscreen Experience

Client: Duracell – Client: Metama / Ghost – Project: Duracell TouchCell

Custom build touch screen!

Dream Space partnered with agency Ghost to create an interactive installation to showcase Duracell’s Copper Top battery. Despite being common place in everyday life, how many people truly know what goes on inside these little power houses? The educational experience was created for the Duracell showcase at the Annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting. A giant cross-section of a Copper Top battery was custom built to feature an interactive touch-screen. Designed as an educational experience visitors can learn how Duracell makes the Copper Top the superior battery by touching individual components marked on the screen. Along with interactive sections, there are also videos that display the inner workings and internal structure of a battery.

DuraLink Cameras
Zinc Anode

The cathode, is where the electrical current goes from the battery to the device. The cathode is all about consistency. Whereas other batteries differ in materials and manufacturing, Duracell keeps a trusted, uniform process for every one of its six billion batteries produced every year.

DuraLink is a proprietary, best-in-class vision camera system that ensures quality in every battery. Think of it like a battery x-ray that scans every single battery for defects and inconsistencies.

The anode, is made up of zinc. But for Duracell batteries, made up of proprietary zinc particles made exclusively in our manufacturing facilities to ensure utmost quality and superior consistent performance.

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