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CapitalOne – Future of Data

How Personal Data Works.

Client: CapitalOne – Project: Future of Personal Data

The Future of Personal Data

An interactive installation, created in collaboration with Alpay Kasal of Dreamspace and BigNoodle, and the Physical Experience Design team located in the Future Gallery in Capital One’s San Francisco building. Designed and constructed around the concept of personal data, and the trade-offs between privacy, security, and convenience.

Interactive content

The core experience questions what guests value the most when regarding their own personal data. As guests approach a pedestal in the centre of the room they are prompted to choose a position between security, privacy, or convenience, in relationship with each other. Precoded visual particle filters dynamically change as the guests navigate to their desired choice. Votes can be cast, and are immediately reflected in a visualization of the data, along with the submissions of previous guests.

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