British Telecom

British Telecom

Scarfie’s Adventures

Client: British Telecom – Agency: Saline Project – Project: Scarfie’s Adventures

Character Design & Animation

Directed and Produced by The Saline Project and character animated by Dreamspace’s one and only Liam Kirtley, these series of British Telecom TV Commercial showcases our character animation capabilities. Enjoy watching this cute little guy “Scarfie” battle seasonal challenges to promote BT deals.


With the seasons turning towards the colder months, Scarfie contends with a new challenge brought by the wind…Autumn leaves. Watch as Scarfie battles the elements in his attempt to keep the latest BT deals clear of clutter.


The first in the series of Scarfie commercials and our initial introduction to the character, we see our protagonist having more than a little trouble with a winter storm. Gaining purchase on ice in a pair of rubber boots isn’t easy.


Although the storm may have ended and spring is on the horizon, things won’t be getting easier for our hero. Fighting against the strong wind leads to an unexpected ending.

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