BofA - Trader Instinct

Bank of America

A platform that allows precision trading!

Client: Bank of America – Agency: SuperUnion – Project: Trader Instinct

Trader Instinct

Bank of America’s trading platform, the Trader Instinct, allows traders to execute razor-sharp transactions with utmost accuracy. The metaphor to compare a trader to an American Bald Eagle is a perfect juxtaposition for sharp instincts and vision to distinguish your target from many others.

Now working fully in 3D, the team had more avenues open to them and more options to create top quality content. Running the gamut from the introduction of cloud computing to the release of a brand new trader platform and even the rise of renewable energy sources, we tailored the look of each spot to convey and reflect the information and message within effectively. With Bank of America’s global connections, they can help your business, whichever industry it’s in, move into the future.

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