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BofA - Virtual Reality

Bank of America – Virtual Reality

An introduction to VR for Bank of America’s employees and business partners

Client: Bank of America – Project: Bank of America Virtual Reality

Bank of America VR Experience

In 2018 Bank of America partnered with Dreamspace to offer event attendees the opportunity to experience VR for the first time. Numerous events were organized globally over the course of a year. These events ranged from one-room, intimate showcases for hand-picked executives, to floor exhibits at some of the largest financial conferences.

The long march of technology never rests and we are right there at the forefront. From touch screen monitors at the Davos World Economic Forum to a video billboard in Times Square NYC, from a bank HQ in China to the London Heathrow Airport take-over, we have created and deployed multi-size and multi-purpose content for Bank of America all over the world.

Our extensive knowledge of experience media and user experience strategy allows us to design and execute the most captivating and complementary content for any setting. Using this knowledge in conjunction with emerging technologies Dreamspace enables Bank of America to soar against other financial institutions from across the globe.

With the rise of AR and VR Dreamspace will continue to push into the future and strengthen Bank of America’s visual brand identity with our ever-evolving and growing services.

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