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AT&T AdWorks Lab

A multi-display, multi-room, interactive experience.

Client: AT&T – Project: AT&T AdWorks Lab

AT&T Media Lab 3.0

Welcome to the AT&T Adworks lab. A multi-display, multi-room, interactive experience, designed by Alpay Kasal of DreamSpace and BigNoodle in order to illustrate the breadth and depth of Adwork’s media offerings. The space was meticulously engineered to entertain and educate CMO’s and senior executives from Media and creative agencies. Alpay teamed up with AT&T, and the Mill to code, create, and manufacture this fully interactive space.

Interactive content

Every bit of content here can reconfigured and controlled from the palm of your hand using a custom built content management system running on an iPad. From a list of the top 1000 shows streamed by U-verse customers, to search data aggregated from for popular search terms from across the country, the AT&T lab is now up and running, inspiring and educating marketers about what’s possible today, and what’s coming tomorrow.

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