Film making & storytelling is a significant part of our life. For the last two decades, being involved with the Arts, Design, and Creative Industries allowed us to work with many talented individuals. Throughout our tenure, we became more passionate about giving back to a community, which gave us the freedom to express our talent. Due to our Turkish – American heritage, we were fortunate enough to connect with the Moon and Stars Project in New York.

Founded in 1949, The American Turkish Society is America’s oldest not-for-profit organization seeking to enhance economic, political, and cultural ties between Turkey and the United States. The Society achieves its mission by bringing together government leaders, including Prime Ministers, Ministers of State and Ambassadors, and business leaders, journalists, and scholars covering a spectrum of fields. It also initiates and sponsors various education and arts & culture programs, providing fellowships, grants, and other opportunities for cultural exchange between the two countries. The Turkish American Society is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization. The American Turkish Society awards competitive grants to support emerging and established artists to promote this cross-cultural dialogue.

New York Turkish Film Festival plays a significant role in establishing a strong tie to promote this cross-cultural dialogue.

Festival Creative:

From Festival promotional materials to opening titles on the big screen, posters to billboards, we have provided pro-bono creative services through the 10th, 11th and 12th Annual Festivals.

Created for the 11th annual New York Turkish Film Festival run by the American Turkish Society, this opening title sequence displays some of the films in the festival against the backdrop of some of NYC’s most recognizable landmarks. A gritty visual style and fast edits reflect the energetic pace and the palpable feeling of being in New York City.

Created for the 12th annual New York Turkish Film Festival this year’s opening sequence features slow, beautifully lit shots of an icon of the film industry, the 35mm camera. Using a fully 3D camera allowed a greater variety and depth of shots to be used to create this immersive sequence. As well as video GRAFX also produced all the print materials for the festival, including banners, posters, and postcards.

Completing this visual journey with other brand collateral such as festival schedule books, posters, and billboards help deliver an immersive creative experience throughout the event. I am honored to be a part of this program for three years and proud to support this distinctive Arts & Culture initiative.

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