Emergency Social Media Campaign – COVID-19

Being a small business owner was never easy. They contribute to the local and national economy, create jobs, provide goods and services, pay taxes, and help to build social, vibrant, and healthy local communities. The passion for creating the best products and services leads them into the path of risking their life savings to open their businesses. Most spend sleepless nights while thinking about the challenges of the next day, how to make ends meet so they can pay their employees before they put food on their table. Now, it’s harder than ever because they are being forced to close their stores and shut their lights off, because of COVID-19 – the Coronavirus.


My Team at Dreamspace and I, are donating our knowledge, time, expertise, and services to build a visually compelling small business listing site for each State > County > Township. #KeepTheLightOn is an emergency social responsibility campaign featuring this free business-listing-site. This site is designed to connect everyone with their local small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. This site only features the local small businesses dedicated to keeping their lights on and give back to their communities to help and stand together during these hard times. 

Giving Back to Community as Small Business

“Discounted grocery delivery to the elderly or people in need”
by A Local Market. 
“For Every Loaf of Bread, We Will Donate One To Those Who Need”
by A Local Bakery
“We will be feeding the front line emergency personnel for free”
by a Local Restaurant

Each qualified small business listed on this platform will get a profile module with their pledge, and call to action button for their services. In return, we will promote their services, and help them fight for existence through FREE! social media marketing. Also, donate them a free vinyl window sign that will be displayed on their storefront so they can be a part of the #KeepTheLightsOn movement.

Social Media Impact

Starting by Red Bank, New Jersey, #KeepTheLightsOn platform will feature small business owners and their stories. These stories will help us engage with the local community and let them join the movement. They can watch, like, comment, and share these stories and help make a more significant impact.

#KeepTheLightsOn America!

We will list all location data and identify each town, each state across the country, and visualize how many small businesses are affected. This data visualization will help us to create national awareness and illustrate what it means for small business owners to keep their lights on.

Influencer Small Business Owners Joining to #KeepTheLightsOn

We are blessed to be surrounded by amazing, giving, and caring business owners such as Hakki Akdeniz – Founder and Owner of Champion Pizza. Hakki is an avid advocate, caring soul for Homelessness issues in our country. He was homeless once, and he did not forget those hard days. He donates, feeds, and talks on media about the homeless. Now with COVID-19, he added our Front Line Emergency Personnel to his list of doing good as well. Surrounded with 4.1 million followers, and breaking Instagram view records (#KTLO video watched 1.2 million times), Hakki Akdeniz is fully supporting our cause to help small businesses to #KeepTheLightsOn

Giving is caring!

My team and I are happy to act swiftly and create this campaign for small businesses to use freely.

Please visit #KeepTheLightsOn website and sign up.

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