Empowering the next generation with Eglantina Zingg

Goleadoras is a purpose-driven social enterprise leveraging the power of fútbol to transform the self-confidence, sense of solidarity, ambition, perseverance, and well-being of girls and women.

I believe in empowering next generations and getting in partnership with Eglantina Zingg and Goleadoras was crucial for my team and I to support a cause that solely focused on women. We produced a series of fundraising, informational, and social media content, aimed at raising awareness for the great work the non-profit performs in helping underrepresented and at-risk girls become part of a community of like-minded individuals.

As part of a social media campaign, including Instagram and Facebook, we helped create two Kickstarter videos. These videos aimed to raise funds to supply the Goleadoras with equipment, uniforms, and travel funds to the UN Global Goals world cup, held annually in NYC.

All for a good cause

We are proud of what Eglantina Zingg and Goleadoras accomplished, and our team supports this cause by providing all pro bono services.


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